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Custom Made Orthotics
Helping Prevent & Correct Common Foot & Lower Limb Conditions


Custom Orthotics – Shaped To Fit Your Feet & Target Your Pain

The dedicated podiatrists at All Care Podiatry are experts in custom made orthotics for children, adults and seniors.  Orthotics play an important role in helping to treat and correct many common foot and lower limb issues.  If you are experiencing foot pain, ankle pain, shin splints, stress fractures, bunions, pronation or flat feet, custom orthotics may play an essential role in your treatment.

Biomechanical Foot Assessment

All Care Podiatry are passionate about feet and the first thing we do when we see clients who are experiencing foot, heel, shin, ankle or knee pain is conduct a full biomechanical assessment.  Biomechanical assessments include muscle and strength testing, range of movement tests and gait analysis.  These assessments show us how your feet are functioning in relation to the rest of your body to get a clear understanding of what is causing your issue.

Pinpointing The Root Cause Of The injury

How your feet are functioning can directly affect your ankles, knees, pelvis and back.  Poor foot alignment and instability can put a strain on multiple muscles and joints in the lower limbs.  Biomechanical assessments can easily pinpoint the root causes of the injury and highlight any issues with pronation, excessive rolling, instability and excessive pressure points all of which may be helped with orthotics.

How Do Orthotics Work?

Orthotics are rarely used in isolation and tend to be part of a treatment plan which may include strengthening exercises, strapping and footwear advice.  Custom orthotics are designed specifically to target and treat problem areas in your feet.  Similar to an insole, they are placed inside footwear and are used to correct foot alignment whilst providing support and cushioning to the foot.

Custom Orthotics – Designed To Perform

Shaped to correctly position & align the feet

Provide optimum arch support

Reduce pressure on the feet in critical areas such as around bunions, calluses, bony prominences or diabetic ulcers

Increase the range of movement and assist with reduction of pain whilst weight baring

Improve balance, stability and performance

  • Encourage optimal propulsion
  • Assist in correcting differences in leg length
  • Provide shock absorption and cushioning

3D Digital Imaging For The Ultimate Orthotic Fit

ACP podiatrists have been trained in all aspects of orthotic therapy and prescribe custom made orthotics specifically designed and modelled around your feet for optimal outcomes.  Your feet will be digitally scanned to create a 3D model which will be used to design the orthotic.  

Computer Designed Orthotics

Once we’ve modelled your feet, we use specialist software to design the shape of the orthotic to provide alignment and support specific to the biomechanics of your feet.   The design is then sent off to be manufactured and is usually available within five to seven days.

Orthotics – Quality & Comfort

Once the orthotic is manufactured, your ACP podiatrist will fit it into your footwear and make any adjustments as necessary.  We pride ourselves on the quality and comfort of our orthoses.  All our orthotics are hand-made and finished to the highest standards using soft, flexible materials for the ultimate in support and comfort

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